Universal Love

Universal Love

* An escalation by Beau Cyphre *

All of your works in PreciousRedRose are touching me, and a lot of your art got little or no feedback - until now.
With The Manhattan Universe on tumblr I found a place where I can not only play with and promote my own art, but also upload and dig deeper into yours. So now's the time for you to watch out for a short note in your messages, telling you about the launch of your art in my special universe, and maybe you enjoy my accompanying words.

What do you have to do?
All it needs is that your art is planted in the borderland or inside the secret garden of PreciousRedRose, and if you've enabled your share options there might be another bright star in the universe soon, and I'll tell you everything about it.
Some stars will also come down to OZ, but this is another story Beau Cyphre and - maybe - Louis Cyphre are gonna tell you soon.

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