The Rose and the Chocolate Factory

The Rose and the Chocolate Factory

* An escalation by Beau Cyphre *

YES, I'm feeling it! May I be weird, like Corazon said today, but perhaps on some days I'm indeed like Willy Wonka drifting with a glass elevator through the neverending halls of his chocolate factory, watching all his Oompa Loompas at work. The Rose is my secret garden, and like Willy Wonka's chocolate factory the garden's a place where time and space do not exist. Are you feeling it? YES, you are feeling it, too.
There are so many of you now, and there's a neverending supply of golden tickets for everyone who wants to go. To go means to come into these halls, and there is place for all of the beautiful ones, may there be dozens, hundreds or thousands of you!
The Rose reminds me of the rose in Stephen King's The Dark Tower, and although this beautiful flower seems to be so little and fragile, it's a mighty thing spinning worlds within its petals - and these worlds are the worlds of your imagination. There are so many treasures you have to share, and sharing those treasures makes them more meaningful, lets them shine brighter than before.
Strolling in this garden feels just like heaven, so many stellar and inspiring gems! And even the borderland is pure joy: No one knows where it begins and ends, and members become fairies planting excellent flowers in the suburbs of the magical city called The Secret Garden. Some of these flowers turn into birds flying through these invisible walls of the garden, and when they rest they're so in awe of the sheer beauty around them that they nearly don't realize their own - until they transform and rise up above themselves, high above the garden, and oh, what a beautiful and divine sight!

The Rose and the Chocolate Factory is dedicated to all of you, but especially to Tim Burton and his wonderful movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, that inspired me so much. Thanks to Johnny Depp, thanks to Willy Wonka and thank you to Stephen King and his adventurous story of the dark tower - a tower that is grounding in the hearts of all of us. At least in the hearts of all dreamers, and YES, that means definitely U!

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