About 'PreciousRedRose' and OZ

About 'PreciousRedRose' and OZ

* An escalation by Beau Cyphre *

"If the wind blew every petal from your precious red rose
Would U be afraid of what U'd find inside?"

Prince, Dreamin' About U

Life is a journey, and life is also an endless search for muses and inspiration.
PreciousRedRose is the place where you can suggest and share something beautiful, something that's able to stir up my imagination, and 'cause this is my garden, I'll take all your little beautiful things, these precious red flowers, to let my birds fly high in the sky. There up above very close underneath the stars these birds will meet angels whispering secret words to them - and as soon as they come back to tell me all they'd been told, I swear by God: I'll share everything with you.

PreciousRedRose is about wonderful flowers, secret gardens, fairies and elves. Most of all it's about inspiration, and inspiration is about U.
Possibly not all the flowers that you planted will stay in the garden. But those that will are all able to push the wizard's imagination, and one time little wonders happen in Oz.

IN OZ is my way to pay tribute to all the great artists who inspired me in the last weeks and months, who let me dream and write a lot of stories, which never were written in this way without them.

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