The Skeleton Keys (one: jesus walks)

The Skeleton Keys

one: jesus walks

* A story by Beau Cyphre - with an illustration by Nikolas B. *

Close to the water I felt strange. There were no birds singing in the trees, and the sun seemed to faint every moment. Light was a trick.

"Shake it all off!", she said. "Just do it like a tree in winter, and then dance in complete silence."

I did so, because when my mother spoke to me, she was always right, and I trusted her.

Father was a different case. When I looked up to him, he decided to nail me on the cross, and he too did it in complete silence. He drove the nails in too deep, and he did it within seconds that felt like an eternity.

My hands hurt like hell, and my feet became numb, but he still held me 'cause I needed to stand, and when I listened, she told me a secret and gave me a promise about a place that was made in the heavens just for me:

The many asked themselves what had happened to the island, but the island always had been just for the few serving the one. You are the one, my beloved son, and in your heart you're holding the key that enables you to find and to light your path down the alley into the lands of thunder. There you go, and you'll open all the doors to make the sun shine brighter in the world until the day when there's no fear anymore - only love and trust.

Ever heard of a submarine like the legendary Nautilus? Probably not. But maybe you can imagine how it would be like to travel in a mighty ship designed to go deep, really deep into the hidden secrets of the seven seas. And maybe your desire is so burning, that you'd do everything to get on board of this ship full of adventures. It just needs one wish.

You don't know what I'm talking about? Well, I'd wonder if you do. If you're not one of the strange guys on this planet, there's no chance to get or to understand the thoughts of a mad man. You must be mad like me to see things in a different light and to forget your past to reveal a future that's hidden deep within, and you should be brave as the capitano of the Nautilus to go on this journey that's more like a trip than anything else.

One wish, just one wish from the bottom of your heart - and everything changes. Your body's the ship, and your mind can be the captain.

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